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Let's face it, life isn't all flowers and butterflies; sometime it feels like we have more weeds than flowers.  It's filled with laughter, struggle, love, moments of  both unspeakable joy and heartbreaking sorrow. All in all, it's just plain messy. However, I believe as women, we are created to bring beauty into all the messiest of places. When we learn to inspire, to breathe in Life during the messy the moments, we exhale a contagious and transformative beauty into every disaster. This is how we move forward. This is how we find joy. This is how we do inspired womanhood together.  


I have been married for 33 years to my husband, John and together, we raised three AHMAZING daughters.  I am currently a business professional by day, a podcaster by night,and an event planner on weekends.  Mix in 6 grandchildren who call me Glamma and as you can imagine, my life can be an assortment of several messes all at once. I might be 50 something, but I still feel 30 something.   I guess that makes me a Hot Mess - a beautiful disaster!  


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